We are developing blockchain industry in the CIS region

Since 2014 we are building Bitcoin-ecosystem and creating Blockchain-projects. Today the agency specializes in consulting, development and project management in the field of FinTech and GovTech. KUNA’s clients are commercial and national banks, investment funds, government institutions, large corporations and private investors.

KUNA as EOS Block Producer

Mike Chobanyan

"Our goal is to develop excellent products for EOS users. We are interested in working with other Producers who see the potential and mission of EOS."

Our other projects

Kuna exchange
We are the first and the only public exchange in the CIS. Thanks to this basic infrastructure in Ukraine and the CIS, it will be possible to create FinTech projects for domestic and foreign markets: bitcoin-ATMs, payment providers, exchange services, salary projects, integration and work with banks.

We are a member of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine. The Association initiates a constructive dialogue, which promotes the rapid introduction of blockade in the economy of Ukraine. The result of this dialogue will be a consensus among all its participants.

Cryptomat is a manufacturer of the necessary software and equipment for the operation of the terminal for the sale of crypto currency. Bitcoin ATM is the terminal for buying bitcoin for cash. The terminal allows you to work directly with the exchange where the main pair is BTC / UAH.

This is the place where innovative ideas emerge. This is a unique network of hubs in the largest cities of CIS countries, which are opened to play a key role in the creation of innovative projects and ideas that are based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency eco-system. This is the home for progressive entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors to develop the sophisticated DLT technologies and other crypto ideas as a solution to the global challenges of tomorrow.

Our goals

Our goal is to harness the power of EOS to provide education, infrastructure and decentralized applications to enrich the global EOS ecosystem. will jointly fund and conduct academic research initiatives on blockchain projects, and will promote EOS in these influential institution.

The team has extensive networks and influence in the Ukrainian (and the Eastern European) crypto and blockchain industry, and these valuable resources will be used to promote the EOS ecosystem.


Roman Cherednik



"EOS is a breakthrough technology in the current era of the blockchain. One of the critical components that makes it a breakthrough is the community that drives and governs the ecosystem. Here, at KUNA, we feel proud to be a part of the EOS community and will do our best to support its growth in the CIS region and beyond."

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PR manager


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Community manager


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Customer relations 


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New Ventures Manager 

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